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Immagina7376 is able to offer numerous services:
  • Wedding services: Candid Style, Classic or Photo Reportage.
  • Event Services: Graduation parties or birthdays, social or cultural events, venues openings, fashion shows, religious events, sport meetings, fairs, etc…
  • Portraits, photos for Books and for professional use.
  • Interior pictures, Still Life and architecture for websites and commercials.
  • Nature and Wildlife photography.
Immagina7376 also offers a unique service, “SOS PHOTOGRAPHY”. This is not a course, but instead it gives the chance of being followed by a professional photographer who will then help you to correct the errors you usually commit when you take your pictures (blurred images, excessively dark or light pictures, imbalanced compositions, etc…) .
You will then have at your disposal a professional who will be able to provide you with valuable advices on how to improve your shots with any camera, from compact to professional Reflex, digital or film cameras.
For more info we are at your disposal.
Facebook: Immagina7376
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