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Imagina 7376 is a very young project. Susanna and Renato joined and put together their passion and started working as a team to create something special, something that hopefully you will enjoy the same way they did when telling their stories.



“I love photography and I think always will … ” (R. Canciani)



My initial approach to a camera goes back to nearly 25 years ago, thanks to Riccardo, my father, who is a great photographer. He gave me his dated Zenit, accompanied by 50mm and 300mm with shotgun grip (“you have to start from the very beginning and then get better and better, to appreciate all your efforts…”). With it I began discovering the world of photography. I remember hiking in the mountains for hours to hunt for marmots to be photographed with the heavy equipment on the shoulders (the 300mm was as heavy as a rock!). But the satisfaction given by the photographs taken had no equal!

Learning the technique with the film took quite some time, but the I could get to a more modern Canon AE1, and began to leverage optical somewhat more modern. Back then I was at school and I did not have much money, but  I spent everything I had to buy the films and  to pay the photographer (I had no dark room). Sometimes the results were great, sometimes… not so good!

After the advent of digital, I stood still for a few years, almost losing interest in photography, but it came out again when I restarted shooting with a semi-compact, a Panasonic DFZ-30 that gave me great satisfactions. Meanwhile a new little one, the Canon 1000D equipped with 18-55mm and 70-300mm,  joined the family. Unfortunately it was not mine, but my mother’s, who had discovered the same passion and turned out to be a great bird-watcher and photographer!

Somehow I found out a way to make her use another body, the  Nikon D40 and finally the small Canon got in my hands! The joy was immense and I began to take her always around, everywhere.

My very first purchase for the little baby has been a Sigma 18-200mm, to replace the 18-55mm that came with the kit.

I shoot well, I’m happy, and the results are often very good, although the resolution offered is not very high. I turn out to be a portrait photographer, but i also like nature, landscapes and animals. I really love this! Finally, after a couple of years, I decide it’s the right time for a  breakthrough, something intermediate, before a full frame body. I buy my first body, a Canon 60D and gift it with a nice 50mm.

Canny (That’s how I call her) is always with me, even if I go out for a quick walk… you never know …!

But as all the things we love, she has a soul, and decides that she’s not working ok anymore! I feel very disappointed, and immediately (a month) decide that I need a new body that will not leave me with a surprises like that. I buy a second-hand EOS 5D MkII, I have to buy new lenses as well, as FF bodies don’t feel good with cheap lenses, and then guess what, the old Canny starts working again! Ok, I will use it as a backup body.

… And we get to the present. Many shots taken and many more to take. The family has now enlarged. Now the backpack with all the equipment in seems to be too small. I also buy a Sigma 120-400 to shoot animals and birds and the great, amazing Canon EF 70-200 F2.8 IS (the price is so high, I can’t even say!). Two camera bodies, the EOS 60D and EOS 5D MkII (full-frame), 4 different optics, including the newcomer Canon EF 24-105 F4 and batteries, filters, etc …

I have everything I need, and maybe more, but I’m proud of it. I do not feel the weight of the backpack when I move around in Venice looking for interesting subjects, hunting for moments to freeze. “I love photography and I think always will … 





“When I take a picture, I am actually shooting the perfect moment, which will be frozen forever…”  (S. Casal)



My name is Susanna Casal. I’ve always lived near Belluno.

Photography has always attracted me, since I was a child, as I always felt the will to tell the beauty seen through my own eyes.

The very first approach was when I was 8 years old, when my dad came home with a Polaroid camera. To me it was a magic, strange machine, that grabbed my curiosity. I was fascinated by the fact that it could freeze all the things you could see through its “eye” and a few seconds later print it on something that you would have kept forever.

As soon as I got more familiar with it, I offered myself as a photographer for any occasion. Too bad that i was not in the picture I used to take then!

Unfortunately my age and the fact that people around me, despite my skills, would not believe that this could have become a real job someday, led me to put my passion aside for some time.

I got back into this wonderful world thanks to my meeting with Renato. Following his intuition, he entrusted me with a Canon EOS60D, which I perceived almost immediately as if it was an integral part of myself. I then decided to follow a training course in order to blend my innate instinct with some basic techniques.
I like to experiment: I am always looking for something new in every photograph that I shoot. My specialties are ‘Still Life’ and ‘Interiors’ pictures, as I am able to take advantage of a natural attention to detail, in order to give life to objects that are apparently soulless.
I can count on equipment of the highest level and on the precious advice of the one who, together with me, very strongly wanted IMMAGINA7376 to become a reality. Now it finally is. It is not our goal though, but just the starting point…






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